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Agile People Leader

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Our client looks for a new colleague as

Agile People Leader

Location: Budapest


  • Provide openly Feedback

  • Always embrace Learning from mistakes and make it available to all

  • Goals/Vision decided with transparency and in a supportive manner (success is if we all succeed)

  • Humility

  • Communicates in cycles (regularely)

  • Growth mindset, Learn from others

  • No one person decision, able to drive decisions through suggestions and proposals (value driven)

  • Manage across boundarries expertise and capacity - drive changes for the overall success

  • Strategy - know where from you want to go where

  • Self aware and open (asking) for feedback

  • Drives sustainable processes to ensure success and improve transparency of current status


Team focus 

  • Performance driven team assesments - enable continous improvement

  • Culture - of value, creativity, innovation, learning and openness (including critical thinking)

  • Safe environment (psychological) - embrace failure paired with learning, offer all info needed for decisions, holding up to promises and decisions/commitments

  • Mindset of taking initiative and navigate between a dynamic environment

  • Facilitates Ownership

  • R@R with clear view of strengths and weaknesses

  • Enables sense of accomplishment and support them to succeed (furish)

  • Coaching vs commanding - strong teams vs individuals

  • Provide learning opportunities

  • Able to mentor and coach everybody in its team (not the knowledge but the skill) - servant leadership

  • Manages team portfolio - keeping them doing what they are best at, or change capabilites/ownership to enable their success



  • Strategy - enable Portfolio, program and Team boards to keep strategy and execution transparent - also to be able to identify and reackt to changes

  • Fostering ownership and decision making

  • Enable team and personal goal setting

  • Enable team to find solutions

  • Enable autonomy, Mastery and Purpose

  • Enables outcomes - not the driver of actions

  • Let go of waht does not work

  • Handling over controlling


Driving results

  • Culture - no ideology, just results, success and camaradery, spaking up and be vocal about own views

  • Empiricism, Metrics, Facts and KPIs versus opinion and intuition (regular formal reviews conducted)

  • Focus where the info/data is 

  • Participate to gather feedback on SCRUM events, reviews of plannings and uses well tooling that supports data share

  • Flexible in approaches

  • Open for feedback, able to support decision making

  • Drives changes so that work is doen where efficiency is highest - delegation

  • Balance of workload with capacity - react to change

  • Drive the need to break down big chunks of work into smaller  increments to enable waste minimalisation and active course correction in value creation


Focusing on delivering values

  • Perseverence in direction and feedback

  • Focus on imediments and their removal

  • Be present in panings and be open with alternatives

  • Ready to be challenged and responds with proper accountable plans


Coordinating actions across levels and responsibilities

  • Develop org Vision

  • Positive image of the org

  • Stakeholder management - reviews to understand feedback and change opportunities

  • Able to change style to adapt to team changes

  • Present and/or Tracks product definition, planning, execution and delivery - R&R, org gaps, KPI review, change actor to remove organizationa impediments

  • Able to communicate insight to executives (capacity, quality, Velocity, Trends and opportunities)

Adatkezelési szám: NAIH-106075/2016

Starjobs Magyarország Kft.

Agile People Leader



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