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Finance AP Intern - 11. Kerület



Pozíció leírása

Job title: Finance AP Intern

Job Summary:

With a strong attention to detail, this role will facilitate a variety of scanning, prepping, validation of optically recognized invoice data to ensure high levels of support in a fast paced P2P environment.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Document Scanning (OCR):  Operate network high speed production scanning equipment (Readsoft); Perform scanning and imaging tasks; Identify, classify and sort documents; Assemble document batches and/or page volumes;

  • Document Indexing: Identify objective data and enter ("key what you see") at a high level of productivity and accuracy; Perform data entry task from a paper and/or document image; Utilize system functions to perform data look-up and validation; work on  High volume sorting, analyzing, indexing, of financial documents; Identify, classify, and sort documents electronically;

  • Archive documents in the digital archive and link them into the invoice clearance workflow tool

  • Assist P2P users and support them with invoice processing as required

  • Perform duties and special requests as assigned by P2P team leader and manager

  • Review and process confidential and time-sensitive applications (urgent requests)

  • Maintain high degree of quality control and validation of the completed work

  • Ensure operating and quality standards are met based on service objectives

  • Support financial results by minimizing site waste and rework


  • Ongoing university studies minimum for one more year (active student status)

  • Well organized, attention for details, administrative skills, patience

  • Great people skills, team player, and willingness to learn

  • Fluent in English

Salary: gross 1 211 HUF / hour

Munkakezdés feltétele:

  • Betöltött 18. életév

  • 25 év alatt NAPPALIS aktív vagy passzív hallgatói jogviszony

  • 25 év felett NAPPAIS aktív hallgatói jogviszony


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  • a telefonszámod 06 30 123 4567 formátumban,

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Finance AP Intern - 11. Kerület



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